Today I didn't take a nap to code at midnight because that is killing me. But it also made me code quite tired. Phew, another day done.

Day THIRTEEN - 05/07/2016

Time spent coding: 1h

Task(s) done: Ghost theme progress

Now I get why the developers get really annoyed when I report bugs. I would too. It takes ages to make sure things are looking all good and nice and someone just bump and say "Hi, this is not working, fix it". I am really sorry now. 😢 Please forgive me for having such an annoying task to do.

Anyways, things are still looking good, but not finished. I guess I have all details of home page okay now, so I am up to style all elements inside a post and then all the missing pages, such as author, error, tag and page (itself). It still seems like it is going to take some time 😖 I want to change this blog theme already! I need a lot of things that are missing here! (Not need, I just want them.)

Okay, time to catch those 💤 again.
See you all at almost the same time tomorrow! 😘