Yeap, still alive!

I guess I will give up on apologizing now. :P

Fact is, I have ups and downs in life, as everyone have. And at this times, it is really hard to find motivation to anything. I find myself stuck into playing some game or watching some series non-stop. Or even sleeping the whole day.

This is now gone (for now!) and I got the weekend to rest and recover for all my drained status.

I played a lot of Starbound (LOOK AT THIS BABY ON THE COVER IMAGE), but I also did lots of other things I want to mention!

  • I learned how to use the Steam API! :D Unfortunately, I didn't found a solution to use with Ghost, yet! I plan on working on it and displaying things of me playing on the sidebar (because the current one is crap).
  • I tried, and failed terribly, to set up a local environment for Nginx + PHP + MySQL on my Windows. I will go back to working on a VM because.. yeah.
  • I did a cleanup (which still need some other things to clean) on Glaciate so now I have only up-to-date TCGs!
  • I started working on a Clamp TCG, which will be called Chronicles! I did this card template and I am really really happy with it!
  • I updated Princess Clicker! :D

So, to the real deeeeal!

Day THIRTY SEVEN - 14/08/2016

Time spent coding: 1h

Task(s) done: Princess Clicker progress

I am going to be the list person today, forgive me.

  • Princess now has all age assets and her sprite changed based on her current age!
  • Fixed Sick and Deliquent status!

Small changes, but it took me quite some time to go back to coding! :)

Day THIRTY EIGHT - 15/08/2016

Time spent coding: 1h

Task(s) done: Princess Clicker progress

  • Money is lost at the end of the month to feed the princess
  • Attributes now include Reputations, which are calculated based on other stats.
  • Lessons level up after a number of lessons taken.
  • Show a notification if the user has no money and tries to do a class.
  • Implemented fade in and out for notifications and animations.

Yaaay! :D More things done!

Phew, that is all my folks! I do have to sleep now and get ready to work tomorrow!
Buh bye!