Yay, I did it!

It is so funny to see how my mood changes if I end up doing things I want, or I felt like doing.

And I always feel much more comfortable to do things after midnight for some weird reason.

So here I am again, 5am, happily coding.

Day THIRTY THREE - 03/08/2016

Time spent coding: 1h30min

Task(s) done: Princess Clicker progress

Today I did a challenge I have wanted for a while, making a work calendar system for the game. So now when clicking on a job/lesson, it will add this to the calendar and add a new day on. It also changes the months and years! It took me forever to figure out how to do that, and why things were not working, but now that they are.. success!

I also played a bit with the animations and now they are gone after a few seconds!

I am really happy to have achieved that today.

So that is it! Time for a quick nap and then off to work!