This two days in one is starting to be a thing.

I find out that sometimes I spent too much time blogging about the coding time and then lose a lot of my free time, so the past few days it was easy to just code, commit, and leave.

Day TWENTY SIX - 22/07/2016

Time spent coding: 1h

Task(s) done: Princess Clicker progress

More new stats added. I finally organized jobs and lessons in a way that they will increase all the proper elements, as well as making sure that the initial status work.

I also added stress when doing a job, but I will need to play the game a bit and figure out how stress grows while doing lessons, since I could not find that online.

Day TWENTY SEVEN - 23/07/2016

Time spent coding: 1h

Task(s) done: Princess Clicker progress

With the stress element implemented, I wanted to make sure she can get sick or deliquent based on her stress. I wanted to change the sprites and background regarding that, but will let that for tomorrow.

Aside from that I did some work on making the basic calendar. It still doens't fill with activities, but it is getting the current year and has a good initial styling.

I can't believe that Saturday is already gone. I need another weekend. Another week. D:

Well, that is all for today.