Learning something on your own it's always a challenge. There is too many resources sometimes and you can just get lost.

This page is a collection of articles, websites, tutorials, inspiration and all things I have used on to be where I am now. Although there is lots of things I have seen or worked a bit on it, I plan on listing only things I at least have some knowledge on how it works.

Table of Contents

Code Editors

The first thing you will need for coding is a code editor! Well, you don't need one, but they make things easier in life. They highlight elements on your code to make easier to see what you are working with.

  • Atom (Mac, Windows, Linux) - Atom is my default code editor on both Linux and Windows. It is simple, it loads quick and has this nice functionality of adding project folders. Also the integration with Git is just love.
  • Notepad++ (Windows) - If I want to edit one single file quickly, that is my go to editor.

Learning and Resources

General Learning & Resources

  • Code Academy - Code Academy was my first attempt to learn things. Although it is very basic, it guides you to some elements and how to get things.
  • Bento - Bento is a great collective of several tutorials and resources around the web for anything web-related.
  • freeCodeCamp - The current course I am going to. It is a free online code camp, that allows you to learn things and do some projects until you get to a point of working with non-profits. It is a great way to build portfolio!
  • CodeWars - CodeWars is great for some really puzzling logic challenges. I haven't gone so far on it, but it really get your brain working.
  • Stack Overflow - Your main forum for "How to" questions. You will always eventually find a stack overflow question when you google something about coding.


  • Codrops [Inspiration] - I love Codrops. It has amazing ideas to use CSS and layouts that I just let me think how to create layouts outside the box.
  • W3Schools [Reference] - Do you ever have a feeling that you know something but can't exactly remember? I use W3Schools to remember myself of HTML or CSS tags.
  • Codepen [Inspiration] - Another place to look for creative ideas. It is a CSS playground where you can either create a new pen or play around with existing ones.
  • CSS Tricks [Reference] - Another good reference on how to get things done nicely with CSS.




Version Control

When working on projects, it is common to make mistakes on files. New features breaks older ones and sometimes you have to get back to that point. That is why version control is necessary. I know both SVN and Git, although Git is so easy that I will only recommend it.



Development Environments

Chrome Extensions