Princess Clicker

If save is in local storage, load save instead of starting game
Game should automatically save after X time

Create initial story

Blood type should inflict or reduce stress at the end of the month

Attributes should be separate in blocks
Attributes should have the name with first letter capitalized
Reputation should be calculated based on other stats

Generate jobs and lessons initially from Javascript
New jobs with year should appear with only the first letter capitalized
Job/Lessons animation should depend on how well the daughter does the job
Job/Lesson performance depends on stress and ???
Lessons level up after: 6 weeks -> Adept / 5 weeks -> Expert / 5 weeks -> Master
Different levels on classes should increase attributes faster.
Different levels on classes should increase cost.
Implement animation for each job/lesson
Animation fadeout when disappearing
Display lessons costs
Display job income
Job raises after 90 days of sucessfull jobs

Fix Sick status
Fix Deliquent status
Implement Runaway status
If bedridden/sick for too long, give game over

Free time should ask if there is pocket money or not
User should be able to choose where to go on vacation
vacation should impact other stats rather than stress

Birthday should appear as a celebration
Birthday should ask for the dad/mom for a gift
Birthday should change sprite based on current one
Import Princess assets from age 15+

On age 18, end game
Depending on user stats, a different image will be displayed
Automatically save when the game end
Play again button should exist in last screen

Each month lose money to feed the daughter
Show notification if user have no money!