Life is almost back on track...

Ice Cream + Nutella. Checked. Playlist for one hour. Checked.

Phew, I am slowly trying to not skip any more days and back on track. Aside from my motivation lost (which is coming back slowly. Thank you PMS for going away), I kinda lost track of what was missing on the project.

So today I sat down before everything and created a huge list of things to do. All small, specific tasks, so I can grab some of them everyday and work until they are finished. It helped me concentrate on some tasks instead of going wild and doing 2323213 things at the same time.

Day THIRTY SIX - 09/08/2016

Time spent coding: 1h

Task(s) done: Princess Clicker progress

So, from today's tasks I have done:

  • Blood type now has an impact on stress on the end of the month.
  • When generating the attributes, the title should have the first letter capitalized.
  • All jobs and lessons are now generated from initialize.js instead of HTML.
  • When new jobs are added, their titles have only the first letter capitalized.
  • Jobs and Lessons now have their income/cost displayed.

It seems a lot, but it is actually just selecting several small tasks. And little by little I can see the final shape I wanted appearing. As soon as I finish all items on my huge to do list, I am putting Princess Clicker online for beta test!

Aside from coding, let's get back a bit on my gaming life. Starbound was officially released and I could not be more hooked than I am. I can't kill this addiction. I love the fact that the game has a proper story to follow and side quests, so I can alternate between taking care of my house/farm and saving the world from a disaster.

[Azure's little house and farm]

That is all good people! Hopefully I see you all tomorrow!