It's finally the weekend!

Phew. This week seemed like it was never going to end, ever.

Aside from that I stayed up late today to code. I guess I am really weird. While listening to some funny Undertale remixes and the Muffet theme song.

Now, let's see what is out of the batch for today, ahuhuhu!~ 😉

Day NINE - 01/07/2016

Time spent coding: 1h more or less

Task(s) done: Ghost theme progress

Today I focused again in small details because I am exhausted. So I added some tweaks, more detail to some markup and the scratch of homepage. The main reason for that is because I know it is finally weekend and now I will have time to properly sit and focus on this and finish it. 😛

So yeap, super short post today, but I did it! 😁
See you all tomorrow!