It is Summer Sale time!

Well, it has been for a while now but only today I did some acquisitions! :D
Got Evoland, Evoland 2, Tembo The Baddass Elephant and Firewatch. I still have some items on my wishlist that I may probably end up buying, but I wanted to get something I will play, since I have a lot of Steam games ~on the wait~ 😁

Day SEVEN - 27/06/2016

Time spent coding: 1h more or less

Task(s) done: Ghost theme progress

I am actually proud of the progress today! The theme is finally getting lively. The biggest problem I have with this theme is trying to figure out exactly what I want. 😥 I went with a mix of blog layouts I really like and it is finally getting shape. I know that is pretty similar to what I have now here, but the whole point is creating a clean layout from scratch instead of tweaking someone's else. Plus, I love this fox pattern that I got on Creative Market. 💜

Also I finally found out how to display tags grabbing info from the Ghost blog. Buuut, since I may want to display them with some icons here, I might do them one by one manually. 😥

One other "spoiler" from this theme is two future sections that I am planning for the blog, one not code related at all (About me and the silly blog) and another a compilation of resources I used/use to learn how to code or to get info. It will be a huge list with books, tutorials, websites, tools (I mean, it is obvious for me that you would use Atom and Notepad++ but you never know) and so on. I am open source, and the community has given me so much already. 💻

That is all for today folks! 😄