I'm sorry :(

I skipped two days. And I feel really bad. I literally slept bad because I felt guilty of not coding, that is how I am. 😢

Sometimes life goes in ways you don't plan and my easy way to handle that is to sink my head in a pillow and sleep. 😓 It is no proper excuse, I know, and I plan to keep trying harder to make this work better. I need this challenge, so I will not stop. 🏆

Anywaaaays, back to the topic, let's see how me going back went!

Day EIGHT - 30/06/2016

Time spent coding: 1h20min more or less

Task(s) done: Ghost theme progress

It's the end of the month and I skipped three days already. 😌

Sometimes coding is hard not because of the act itself, but you only get better by doing certain tasks. You can master all tags, all functions, all syntax and still not be really good at it. So it is hard to measure how well you are doing or progressing, which is sometimes a bit frustrating.

Aside from that, I did more work on my Ghost theme! It is taking more and more form, which is really nice. My plan is to set up a finishing point for it, so I can "release" it and then move to the next step. I am into incremental games again (remember cookie clicker? yeah 😎) so I am curious to see how I could develop something like that. But one project at time.

That is all for today folks! I really hope to keep up properly with this from now on! 😜