I gave Pikachu a hug!

Hey ya all!

Back with energy recovered!

So, the reason why I was exhausted the last few days is that I went to Hyper Japan on Friday and then had a trip on Saturday. Too many things too deal got me super tired to do anything.

Anyways. Hyper Japan was lovely. A paradise for those who love Nintendo and kawaii things, so I felt at home. It is basically a huge shopping thing, as most conventions are, but the Nintendo stage was lovely, they were giving gifts all the time and they also had a sneak peak on Breath of the Wild, which I am in love.

I also had some temaki, doriyaki and ramune, my traditional easy meal for Japanese things. And Bubble Tea, although that is not thaaaat Japanese itself.
So, a bit of spam time with pictures.

The cover one is one of my favorite pictures of the day! It is already my Facebook profile as well. They had this Pikachu walking around the event and stopped for pictures at Nintendo area at some point. I could not resist a hug.

The Nintendo games displayed, which I must say, apart from Monster Hunter and Dragon Quest, I want them all. I have to admit I am a huge fan to 3DS games.

THIS WAS ALL SO FLUFFY I THOUGH I WAS GONNA DIE. I want them all. I will have a bedroom like that one day.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I was amused by the small bit we saw. A bit of things I haven't seen before was Link stealing weapons while enemies are asleep, a huge magnet that allows you to lift open treasure chests and drop them on enemies, bombs are infinite (no more bomb sack!) and there is a bit of climbing enemies to defeat them. <3

Me on the stage. Getting prizes. I WAS SO EXCITED. They selected seven people while I was there, and they were looking for the most excited people. I was screaming and all before, but when they said "who is team Mystic?" I just went crazy jumping and waving my hand. <3

Goodies for the day! Although it seems a lot I actually didn't buy much. I got the Nintendo bag, lanyard and stickers from Nintendo spin the wheel and the Yokai Watch badges from a treasure hunt at Nintendo area. I bought that cute orange surprise snack bag, which came with all the sugar plus the beaver (still thinking of a name for it), Totoro socks, and the Pokeball stamp! :D

Okay, time for the real deal now...

Day TWENTY ONE - 17/07/2016

Time spent coding: 1h more or less

Task(s) done: Princess Clicker progress

Today I though a bit out of the box. I was going to use Day of the Year for finding star signs and then making the appropriate initial stats. The problem is that day of the year is quite accurate and doesn't allow, for example, 30th of February. Princess Maker does, so I want to as well.

So, the way I did was to ask for the user for a day and a month. Both html5 number inputs, one limited to 31 and the other to 12.

I did an array with all star signs and when they start and end. But to make life easier, I made as a connection of month + day. So, 3rd of February is 203 and November 16th is 1116. This way I end up with ranges of numbers, such as ["Pisces", 219, 320].
With this, all I had to do, is interact with this array of star signs, and for each element, check if my birthday was between it. One relevant element was Capricorn, who had to be an else statement.

So it ended like this

function defineStarSign(day){
  for (var i = 0; i < starSigns.length; i++){
    if (day > starSigns[i][1] && day < starSigns[i][2]){
      starSign = starSigns[i][0];
  if (starSign === undefined){
    starSign = "Capricorn";

This way I was able to do a switch on starSign and depending on which one it is, it defines the initial value of each attribute! :D

Phew, huge update! Nice day coding and eating all that sugar above :P

Now back to sleep and work on more tomorrow!