I can finish this!

Hello hello!

You know, I have this problem with HTML and CSS. It is like an old game that you played a lot, but never finished. 💾 You know somethings on how to play, but you mostly just smash the "X" button and things work. You don't try new things, because you are used on just playing with the "X" button. You don't explore new places, and also, you never go to the final boss because you get bored with the game before.

The hardest part to me is to try to finish the game. Try to keep learning better secrets and tactics. And even if I don't know everything, that I feel confident to say that I know most of it. Usually, for me, learning is something like this comic:

As soon as I get the basic of things working, they turn boring and I go tackle something new. This challenge has being doing different with me, making sure I keep up with learning the same thing over and over. 😀

Day TWELVE - 04/07/2016

Time spent coding: 1h

Task(s) done: Ghost theme progress

Today I made a bit more of progress towards the theme. It's at a point where, aside from some pages, I can make it live and then keep tweaking with time. But I want to feel satisfied with it to "release" to public.

I am really satisfied with the home page, at least. There is some things I still want to change but for now, it is looking kinda what I had in mind. 😊

I hope to get all other pages soon as well, and then finish cleaning up to make sure this is looking okay!

That is all for today folks! Gotta get some energy ready for tomorrow.😴