Hey, I am alive, okay?

So, a bit of what happened this past few days...

I lost motivation. In an overall. For me it is really hard to push myself to keep going. This results in endless nights procrastinating until late, going to sleep around 4am and waking up at 7/8 to go to work.

As a consequence, I get exhausted. I felt drained and it is hard to keep on. On the past Thursday, I had a terrible headache the whole day, so I got home and fell asleep because I could not do anything else. On Friday I tried to code a bit (30min), just because I can't give up on this. I did a really small task just to fulfill my need to code everyday. But Saturday again I got exhausted. I basically slept over the whole day. I did nothing, and I hate doing nothing. Sunday I spent almost the whole day playing something, relaxing. But at night I finally got a bit of motivation, so I grabbed into that and worked crazy on some stuff I had to do. Today I ended up coding in dawn again, but hey, at least is something, right?

Day THIRTY - 29/07/2016

Time spent coding: 30min

Task(s) done: Princess Clicker progress

Lazy Friday, but I got one of the things I wanted done! Now clicking on one of the jobs it will give the user a small animation. I am really happy to be able to figure out animation with CSS and sprite sheets, and now I just need to improve them a bit, and create all assets for all the jobs and lessons .

Day THIRTY ONE - 31/07/2016

Time spent coding: 1h

Task(s) done:

  • Updated NodeJS version to 4.4
  • Updated Ghost blog to 0.9
  • Added Swap file in my server to avoid npm install crashes
  • Added SSL certificate to bombilate.net (will add on all subdomains later)

Non code related:

  • About page
  • Resources page
  • Projects page (WIP)
  • Joined more cliques :P

Sunday was a day off from Princess Clicker and some other tasks that I had pending. I did a bit of working on my server, updating Node and my blog. I struggled with memory issues and npm install so I did a swap file to help around. One other thing is that I started working on SSL certificates for the whole domain! :D This means that soonish all my pages will have the green thingy on top of the bar and will be easier to find on google /o/

Aside from that, I finally started on my About page, which I still want to set up other things, but I let it already live. And the Resources page is available! I still need to write more about things I am sharing there, but at least it is a pretty link list for now. Another page that is coming up is a projects page, that, different from the 100 Days of Code, I will properly describe all projects, show github, trello, and demo if available. :)

Day THIRTY TWO - 01/08/2016

Time spent coding: 1h30min

Task(s) done: Princess Clicker progress

Today I tried to get back on track with Princess Clicker. I created a basic Javascript Calendar that displays the current month, year and day of the game. Now I need to figure out a way to update the values on the calendar every time a day passes, or when the month changes. It sounds a bit hard but I already looked in some tutorials and I think I can make it work!

Some other things that I am planning behind, as well.
As my childhood growing on the internet, I had some strange habits. That included oTCG and also Fanlistings. Both communities still exist, in a smaller scale though. I want to help they improve the way they handle code, so I am working on something to keep track of Fanlistings aside from the old script they had. I want to be accessible to everyone, so it will be compatible with shared hosting easily. (Back to the old love/hate with PHP).

I guess that is it. Time for a quick nap and then work!

See you all later o/