Can I give up already?

There is a flea in my bedroom that I have no clue how it got here. And I still didn't have my shower.

Today was a total failure on the challenge. I am frustrated, disappointed, exhausted and I need to sleep although I just want to play all night long.

Day TWO - 21/06/2016

Time spent coding: I don't know. I started my task 3h ago, but not finished it.

Task(s) done: Set up Disqus as a commenting platform.

Task(s) expected: Set up Isso as a commeting platform.

Okay, so, I was planning on getting Isso installed because I don't want a comment platform that keeps my user data or even that requires for a login. I wanted something simple. Old little "Name" "Website" "Email" "Comment" fields. Like my terrible friend Wordpress. (Damn, I miss Blogger).

The problem was: Isso is not a task for a newb. Which is fine. I like challenges, right? But it is no friendly towards newbs. There is little support over the internet and the instalation makes no sense to me. At all. I had to create a virtual enviroment for it and then install, but it didn't give me ANY instructions on what to do after that. Where do I put the config file for it? How do I add that to my blog? How, how, hoooow?

I spent 3h on it until I give up, mostly because I do have to sleep. I will bother some of my dev friends tomorrow to see if they have any clue or they can guide me later.

Still, I will take it as a positive thing. Even not fulfilling my goal, I did spent 3h learning and playing around with my server. I even crashed it because it ran out of memory (ups!). It was 3h of learning, more or less.

Phew. At least it is over now. I need to be a bit smarter and spent a bit less time on coding when I get stuck, otherwise I lose all my free time. D:

(And I need to stop getting distracted. Just realized I want to add emojis here. Oh dear.)

Thanks for keeping up! :)