But, what is the Princess Clicker?

So, yesterday I had a lovely visit from Kya on my blog and I realize I have been rambling about this Princess Clicker thing for ages now but I didn't quite explained what it is.

So, before today's review, I am going to explain a bit of what is it.

What is Princess Maker?

To start with, it is important to know what this series is. Princess Maker is a Japanese video game series where you raise a girl from 10 years old to 18 and depending on how you raise her, it will change what she will be in the end. As the name suggests, you can make her a princess, but the ideal one is to make her the queen and marry the prince :P
The series has changed over years and it is now on the fifth game. The series has never been officially release outside of Japan, but somehow the internet got a beta version of a in-progress English translated.

When I was a kid, for some reason I got the second game on one CD. So it was part of my childhood, somehow. A lot of people consider this an adult game though, because some of the endings are quite explicit (yes, she can become a prostitute. :B) but the younger me always got the housewife ending, so it is fine, I guess.

What is Princess Clicker?

I am in my way to ensure I learn Javascrip properly and, as with any kind of programming language, the best way to do this is working on a project. For that reason, I wanted to make something nice and simple with Javascript (which has become a bit more complex...).

I found again some incremental games, like the famous Cookie Clicker. Incremental games are nothing more than games that you can progress by upgrading elements, in a more simple way. I decided that Princess Maker somehow fits this description.

So... I though about Princess Clicker. It is a mashup between the original Princess Maker 2 game, but way much more simplified and with incremental elements. It is quite a really wip, but I am happy of how it is becoming (even if really messy).

The header image of the blog post is how the game looks so far. Basically, this princess has all this stats that can increase or decrease depending on her actions (work/lessons or free time). For now that is the only thing that the game does, but in the end, ideally, doing actions will consume time, and when she gets to the age of 18 she will have an ending based on the final stats. Also, there will be a bit of story in the beginning before actually getting to the main screen, as seen in the images above!

As soon as I have a more stable version of what I want, I will upload that to my server and give you guys an url to play around and give me feedback. If you are eager to try already, download my github repository and open the index.html on any browser :)

Day TWENTY EIGHT - 24/07/2016

Time spent coding: 1h

Task(s) done: Princess Clicker progress

So today I focused a bit on making her stress change how she appears in game. If she is sick, she will be displayed in a way, and if the is deliquent in another. Also, if she gets to 90% sick, she will be bedridden.

I also did a bit of styling and changing position of things. Now all is centered on the screen, and her info is displayed below her bedroom image. I also added the free time to relieve stress. :)

Tomorrow I am going to decide to either work on how are her chances of working if she has a high level of stress or make a calendar work and populated with lessons. :P It seems that this project is never ending!

That is all for today! Hooray!
Have a nice week you all. Thanks for believing in me all this time. And for reading this and keeping up with me.