But how I do this?!?!

One of the questions I do to myself usually is "How I do this?". Probably because I am a begginer coder in an overall, or I don't do that daily (well, enough hours), but once I stumble upon a problem I can't always solve by myself. I usually google "How to do X in Y language". Which is fine, it will help me make it work, but it doesn't improve my own ability of logical thinking and solving programming problems.

I am training more everyday solving simple problems with a specific language (Javascript for now) and see if I understand how things work. I am now at the Intermediate Algorithm Scripting on Freecodecamp and I must say I do struggle a lot. But well, it is part of learning!

Day EIGHTEEN - 13/07/2016

Time spent coding: 1h

Task(s) done: Princess Clicker progress

So, early today I had some ideas on how I want this to work!

I though: "I want the user to start with only a coin in the page, he clicks the coin, gains gold until he has enough gold to 'own' his own kid, and then he would be prompted with some fields to fill, like name, birthday and blood type. Once he has everything set, the 'game' would load with this amount of money and he would be able to start scheduling things."

Sounded great. I could barely wait to make it work. Expect that I didn't. I got stuck into "how I make everything display on the index page, but only the elements I want at time?". I had an idea on doing that, separating things on divs but then... "how to I change from one element to another?". So I spent a long time searching for all this and I failed terribly. I went ahead to make other part of the game work, the clicking mechanic.

I still will look into doing this (probably will test something in a bit before going to sleep) but that made me realize how it is hard to say that I can code. That is why I always step into someone's foot when they point at me and say "She is a programmer".

Oh well, let's keep on this and see how it actually work over time. As soon as I have somethings more nicely working, I will host this on my domain so you guys can play and give me feedback! :D

See you all tomorrow /o/

Quick edit: I managed to hide and display content with a display:none; class. I am really dumb sometimes :P