And the challenge begins!

Here I am, half past 11, 13 tabs open just to figure out coding things.

Oh, okay, this is a fresh start so, I should talk about me a bit, no? (I will eventually create a nice layout and sidebar and an about me page, but I will get to that in a minute.)

Nice to meet ya all! (I mean, you probably know me, no?). I'm Taty, currently a Web QA Analyst at a nice big game company which decided to venture around the world of coding. I have been coding for at least 12 years now, but the web grew more quickly than I could catch up. So now I decided to go back and dive into this terrible amazing world of coding. (Can I give up already?)

This blog will be a space for random rants, ideas and mostly web devs thingies from a total newb. I actually had two other blog posts prepared for -the big comeback- but I changed my mind since I decided to join the #100DaysOfCode thingy that I saw on this blog article. And I decided that today is day 1. (scaryyyyy)

So, to explain shortly, I am saying that I will spent at least 1h coding outside of work for several projects. The idea is to improve my skills but also feel like I did something important.

Rules YO

  1. I will make a blog post about my progress everyday. Here. Yep. Who doesn't like spam, right?
  2. Coding at work doesn't count to this at all~
  3. If the coding I am doing involves something that I can share (small web app or blog theme, for example), I will post on my github repo.
  4. The idea is to have small projects to work on. The kind of project will vary (going from Free Code Camp’s Front End Certification Projects to random Ludum Dares or personal projects) but I NEED to finish one project/task before moving to another.
  5. Tutorials won't count to this (learn the hard way: by doing something!)
  6. I plan to code at least one hour per day BUT if life happens, 30min will be acceptable.

With that said, I may add more rules later (if I think of them). Also, I invite anyway who wants to go through this to join me and suffer together :D

Day ONE - 20/06/2016

Time spent coding: 2h

Task(s) done: Set up Ghost blog and get rid of Wordpress!

Okay, some people may not consider setting up a blog a coding task. I consider it because ghost needs to be installed from the terminal and I need to configure both node.js server and nginx server to work. So, even if not properly developing something, working with my server is always a challange for me. The command line doens't scare me anymore BUT I always seem to run into problems.

This time npm was not installing properly the sqlite3 module and I spent quite some time googling it until I decided to install it manually and it worked. (because logic)

With that said, I have a couple of things I plan to set up on the following days:

  • Install comments here. It is kinda lonely without comments.

  • Create my own Ghost theme (I want COLOR on this plain boring texts)

  • Customize blog with some pages and info

  • IF I finish all this easily, work on a HTML 5 game for the small Ludum Dare happening until 30th of June.

(yawn) Such a long entry to start with. Probably with lot's of errors.

Anyways, thank you for wasting spending your time on this silly blog now. Since I still don't have comments, if you feel like saying something, send me a tweet or a message on FB!