And it is starting to look nice!

Yeah, it's two in the morning. I have problems with time, as you can see by now.

Aside from finishing Undertale today, the day was pretty much quiet, so let's get to what matters:

Day ELEVEN - 03/07/2016

Time spent coding: 1h30min (ups!

Task(s) done: Ghost theme progress

Today it took me forever to code because I really wanted to play Undertale. And then I had a headache....

When I decided to start, I realized I was tired and would not do much. So instead of tackling the theme, I decided to do somethings random, a bit more exciting. So I finally configured Mailgun to use with Ghost, I set up some custom 404/50x pages on my Nginx server and theeeen I went to code. That in overall gave me more energy and I was able to focus more on how I wanted things.

Also, I found better solutions for my cropping thumbnail and to center and align the div contents with flexbox. I am pretty happy that I found that.

This all led me excited to finish all this, now. But I really have to sleep so, next time :P

That is all again! :D Hopefully I will soon finish this and go to a new project x]