And it is ready?

Hooray! We have the new layout here on the blog! :D That means that a lot of ugly bugs we had before are gone!

No more weird sidebar elements, no more prev/next post ugly previews if I don't have an image on it, proper pagination, proper tag page, author page and even a customized 404! :D

Is it ready? I would say almost. It is ready enough for me to be live with it, not ready enough for me to publish to the marketplace.

So let's review a bit the coding day, shall we?

Day SIXTEEN - 11/07/2016

Time spent coding: 1h30min

Task(s) done: Ghost theme progress

Today I said I would put this theme live, and I am glad I did. It is kinda delivering that university project. You had a deadline, you delivered. You could do better, yes, but with the time you had you did your best.

That is more or less how I feel about this theme. There is still things I want to improve. Better coding, cleaning it up a bit, more comments, make sure it looks nice on phones as well, all that. But I needed to stop working on it first. Why? So I could deliver a version, and then on the next step, analyze it, and then figure out how to improve.

So this will be the last "Ghost theme progress" for a while. I will tackle on a next project and when I finish the next project I will come back and review the theme. This way I will be "a few days older".

So, what is next? I have to do the portfolio page for Freecodecamp, but I am tempted on letting this wait a bit more and go do an incremental game. I found this tutorial and I am eager to user Princess Maker sprites for that. I just need to refine a bit more the mechanics.

That is all for this night folks!
See you all tomorrow :)