After 10 days...

Hello there!

Did you guys miss me? :D

Okay, look, I'll apologize. Yeah, I said I would stop that, but this time is not for skipping days. It is for no sign of life.

See, life sometimes gets busy with minor things. Or sometimes you just need a break because everything is happening. Also, Princess Clicker got to a point which I am bored to work with. Which is no excuse but still...

Anyways, a bit of update in overall!

Life hasn't changed much on the past few days. Everything is about the same, so can't say that everything happened. There are some personal business which I can't actually say that happened but, apart from that, nothing much.

And still, I got much done, in a sense of what I want. I played the new Phoenix Wright demo, I started reading Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, I was able to clean all my clothes stockpiled, I tested No Man's Sky, I keep up with friends blogs and I endorsed one of my friends.

Talking about things I have been reading, watching, playing and so on, I created this page to let you guys know what I have been on. It is also mostly for me to know where I am with stuff or what to watch next!

On the coding side... I have been up again with TCGs as the new-moment-addiction. I have a friend that used to say that I have a span of a week addiction. I find something I want and for one week, that is all I do and talk. I use all my energy on it and then I get bored and move on. Hopefully I can keep up with that for more than one week. I have gave up on setting a WEMP and decided to set up a WAMP. So far everything working, but still have to test things. I also set up cloud9 as a LAMP environment so I can test my TCG stuff on the cloud. Since now I am up with two projects that I am keeping up, I will do different updates for them.

The Month that Was - August

I saw this topic on Kya's blog, and I feel like talking a bit. Mostly because I have had some remarks on things.

I spent most of August afraid. Afraid of life. Afraid of not keeping up. Afraid of not progressing. Afraid of things not going the way I want. I fought a lot against a big sadness inside me that was not going away. A lack of motivation. I kinda can say a bit of depression. Which led me to talk a bit about this topic on Facebook, here. I was surprised, in a happy and sad way, to find out how many people feel the same. Sad because I don't want them to feel like this. But happy because that means I can do something to help them. I still don't know how, but I feel like this connects me to people, and that can make a huge difference.

Chronicles TCG

My newest obsession is to make this live as soon as possible!

Chronicles TCG is a CLAMP Trading Card Game. I have set up the URL for it and all it's cloud environment. I set a lot of extra plugins I want and they are almost ready to go. I started working on a layout for it as well.

Here some screens so far:

Princess Clicker

Day FORTY ONE - 28/08/2016

Time spent coding: 2h

Task(s) done: Princess Clicker progress


We have a deeeeeemoooo! :D Yay! It's not much yet, there is no ending game or save, but it is just to show off a bit of what I have been in for this past months.

Animations are muuuuch smoother now. Lessons prices raise when the level of the user is raised too. I started sketching the end game and the game over too.

If anyone is curious to what has been made and what is missing, take a look here.

Phew, huge update! Time to go people! <3 I will be back soonish, I promise.