Hi there!

Name is Taty, which is the short version of Tatiana. I was kinda born when internet exploded and everyone was using, at least in my country (Brazil). Because of this I grew up loving technology and specially games and websites. I graduated as a Game Designer, but I currently work as a QA Analyst in London. I moved to the UK last year looking for a bit of change in life.

As a 12 years old I decided that I wanted to have my own blog and domain, and that is when my journey coding around started. My first ever domain was mysterious-bubble.com and it lasted one year. It had a cool ring to it and there I hosted my own personal blog, some friends blogs, a collection of my MMORPG characters (really want to bring this back at some point), a Vaati fanlisting, and a Summon Night: Swordcraft Story 2 fanlisting. As a young kid I only cared about making cute animanga/games web desigs, but not really about how every stuff works.

With Song Bits and Bombilate, I am trying to improve myself as I learn to code better, but also get my own space for my old obcessions, like trading card games, fanlistings, cliques and maybe even shrines.