100 Days of Code

Hello there! As you may have seen on the blog, I am going on a journey to code everyday for 100 days. It all started on 20/06/2016.

I've been keeping track of my daily progress on each blog entries, but I also want to have a small checklist of ideas (so I don't lose the ideas elsewhere :P) and also things completed in an overall. This will help in the end of the 100 days to see how far I have reached on all this.

Ideas/Projects list

Participate on a small Ludum Dare
Emoji and/or Emoticon for blog and comments! - I accidentaly removed when updating to the new theme so... neeed to do again.
Finish FreeCodeCamp projects.
A community to rant about life
Finish working on G33K TCG
An Ultimate Management App with Trello, TFL, Gmail, Weather, To Do lists, and more :)

On going

An HTML5 + Javascript version of Princess Maker 2

Tasks/Projects done

Ghost installation on my server
Editing a ready made theme on Ghost
Ghost Custom Template (need to revise, but it is on a "done" status)